ROOKIE BLUE     PP/A.A. Group Leader    Global TV/Jeff Woolnough
COPPER     Recurring PP/Dr. Grimes     BBC/Jeff Woolnough
THE OLD WAYS     Prison Doctor     TIP Short Film/Michael Vass
PALACE     Principal     Independent Short/Richard Story
TRACKER Principal Lions Gate/Richard Martin
LUCKY GIRL     Principal     CTV/John Fawcett
EXHIBIT A     Zachary Bloom     Discovery Channel/Allan Moyle
STRAIGHT UP     Mr. Patterson     Alliance/Jerry Ciccoritti
FRIENDS AT LAST     Lawyer     CBS/John Coles
RENT-A-KID Mr. Lachman Paragon/Fred Gerber
DUE SOUTH     Client     Alliance/Steve DiMarco
KUNG FU     Gleason     Warner Bros./Mario Azzopardi
SECRET SERVICE     Agent Bowles     CBS TV
TOP COPS     Principal     CBI of Canada/CBS TV
E.N.G.     Nick’s Dad     CTV Alliance Entertainment
MY SECRET IDENTITY     Raoel     Sunrise Productions
FRIDAY THE 13TH     Harmon     Triumph Entertainment
V.H. ADDERLY     Malloy     CBS/Global
NIGHT HEAT     Bishop     Alliance Ent./Rene Bonniere
VERDICT     Principal     Global/John Thompson
STRANGE NOISES     Principal     Poundmaker Prod./Brian Demude
BEACHCOMERS (2 eps.)     Principal     CBC/Don Williams/Bob Fredericks
MAYONNAISE (3 eps.)     Co-Star     CBC/Don Williams
LITTLEST HOBO     Principal     CTV/Joe Scanlon
MR. SMITH GOES TO THE MOVIES     Actor     CBC/Stan Jacobson
HEARING FROM MR. WALLACE     Mr. Wallace     O.E.C.A.