• “Your Truth is Your Truth” 3 video series selected by Health Canada and National Film Board of Canada to be included in the permanent video collection of the National Clearinghouse on Family Violence Prevention. 2003-’05.
  • Eva’s Phoenix – One of the original community partner in EVA’s Phoenix long term housing and training shelter for homeless youth.
  • Nominated for Solicitor General’s Award in Journalism (Toronto Star),
  • Youth View school based program – 1st high School Co-op student, current affairs TV series in North America produced by youth for television. Broadcast on Rogers Cable Ontario, mid-late 1990’s.
  • Youth View Communications – professional multi-media production company. All programs, campaigns and projects emphasize youth, diversity, and multi-language and are exclusively committed to social issues that will improve our community as a whole. Unique in North America.
  • “Mayonnaise” – First Canadian play adapted to network television series

– CBC Vancouver, 1983-’84.

  • Created, developed and implemented first multi-media/multi-language training program (Service Canada Youth Internship) for at-risk youth. “Chinese Lion Dance Festival” multi-language video debuted at Canadian Embassy in Beijing and used as out reach tool by the Canadian Embassy in Beijing; was broadcast on CFMT – 47 (Omni 1); is distributed to schools and libraries across Canada. 1999.
  • Created, developed and implemented first multi-media training program (Service Canada) Youth Internship) for disabled, unemployed youth. The Changing Face of AIDS video was broadcast nationally on CTV and Rogers Cable and is distributed to schools and libraries throughout Canada. 1998
  • Developed special learning programs for inner city and suburban elementary schools (Peel Region and GTA) using drama as a teaching strategy to facilitate learning core curriculum and promote cultural understanding through the process, late-1980’s-early 1990’s.
  • Developed and implemented life skills training for the disabled at secondary school (York Region) level using drama as a teaching strategy, late 1980’s.