I have been very fortunate as a Producer, Director, Writer, Actor and Media Teacher / Instructor over the years. Political consulting on Youth & Social Issues has taken me to China and India as well as here in Canada. I have been able to Produce and Direct almost all of the projects I have created and written. Production has run the full gambit from Situation Comedy, Documentaries, Educational Programs & Series, Corporate to Music Videos and Commercials.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada ā€“ India, China, Mexico, Cuba, United States and Canada have been locations for a number of my productions and projects.

This website represents well over $10 million in media production ā€“ all with 100% financing with multiple funders, investors and partners. All of my campaigns, series and programs were on schedule and on budget.

Youth and Social Issues, have been a primary focus of production in recent years leading to an expertise unparalleled in these areas.
Multi platform applications and multi language production are always designed into the concept and always applied to the media distribution.

All programs have national and international distribution and sales.

Please review my Current page to stay updated on all the multi-platformed projects Iā€™m currently writing, directing, performing in and producing.